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Web Design & Development

The small business advertising agency – leaders in marketing and advertising solutions.
MULTAI – The Small Business Advertising Agency – your strategic partner for small business marketing and advertising services.
We are Providing:

  • Consulting
  • Custom Video
  • Photoshoot & Video shoot at your place
  • Proper editing
  • HIghlighting product & Services
  • Testimonials of your clients & staff
  • Best team with Creative ideas
  • Sharing the video on sites

Small Business Advert:

Do your marketing and advertising materials inspire people? Set you apart from the crowd? When you’re ready to gain leads and increase sales, it’s time for inspired, well-executed ideas. Luckily, that’s just what we provide. MULTAI, The Small Business Small Business Advertising Agency team is a full-service Small Business Advertising Agency and marketing agency that’s changing the nature of small business advertising. Crafting design and marketing solutions for your small business that resonate with audiences, we’ll help you define your business, enhance your brand and gain marketplace momentum. We’ve got big ideas, and they’ve generated over 500 corporate logos, 300+ web sites and thousands of successful branding packages, brochures and advertising campaigns.

The fact is – we live and breathe small business advertising and marketing – and we’re experts in growing businesses like yours.

As a one-stop marketing and advertising studio based in Hyderabad, MULTAI provides the tools you need to grow your small business and compete more effectively. From logo to web design, our cohesive branding and image-building solutions advance your business. Our Small Business Advertising Agency can help solve your marketing problems, optimize your graphic look and elevate your web presence to state-of-the-art. Our team will refine or reinvent your logo and collateral systems for enhanced brand recognition, and tailor your corporate profile to span all media.

MULTAI SMS program has provided a platform for responsive communication between students and facilitators which has led to improved interaction within the School community environment,” it also offers a direct link for communication between students and their educational institution to encourage a more connected learning environment.

We’ll create a custom video advert for business filmed at your own place of work. Our team of experts and film makers will capture the shots of your products or services, plus interview or interviews with your staff or testimonials from your clients. We’ll edit your video and add professional music, graphic titles with your logo and contact details. We then can add optional extras like a professionally written script and voice over. We can also distribute the video to video sharing sites on the internet so you can gain maximum SEO benefit.

Brand Publicity

Our view of brand advertising is that it mostly serves to publicize the advertised brand. Advertising seldom seems to persuade. We advertise in a competitive market, that needs to maintain the brand's broad salience—being a brand the consumer buys or considers buying. This turns on brand awareness, but together with memory associations, familiarity, and brand assurance. Publicity can also help to develop such salience. This publicity view of advertising should affect both the briefs that are given to agencies (e.g., that cut-through is more important than having a persuasive selling proposition) and how we then evaluate the results. But since few advertisements seem actively to seek to persuade, how much do the advertisements themselves have to change, rather than just how we think and talk about them.

Campaigns seek to engage the public through traditional forms of media, such as television and the press, and more recently, social media.


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